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IC Blockchain helps Registered Education Partners (R.E.P) take their students on a learning path that leads to mastery and eventually becoming an expert. We do this by working with other known experts in the community to form learning objectives for each track and competency level. These experts ensure and verify the courses being offer by R.E.Ps meet the highest standard of learning. As an accreditation body made up of leading Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experts, we accredit Blockchain and Cryptocurrency related courses against proven, discipline-specific learning objectives. These learning objectives are built into a Learning Roadmap that covers multiple disciplines. Registered Education Partners can leverage the Learning Roadmap to provide an ongoing journey for professionals who want to deepen their craft, widen their knowledge on different Blockchain and Cryptocurrency platforms, and achieve Blockchain mastery and expertise. There is a cost to become a R.E.P, have courses reviewed, and to renew your R.E.P partnership on an annual basis. Please refer to FAQ at the bottom for more information.

Trainer Affiliation With R.E.Ps

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Trainers can be accredited during the R.E.P course review or added to the course at a later time via separate session. When the Trainer becomes accredited, they will receive an ICB account, trainer certification for that course, and a digital badge that they can publish to social media. The trainer will also have access to setup their courses, register students they train, and can affiliate with multiple R.E.Ps for different courses.

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Accredit Your Own Courses

Registered Education Partners (R.E.Ps) can accredit their courses with IC Blockchain to ensure training materials meet proven learning objectives which were established by Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experts. Following the accreditation, R.E.Ps can offer IC Blockchain-accredited courses in both public and private settings for fundamental, professional, and master-level certifications. All courses are in classroom courses and cannot be taught online.

Deliver Your Accredited Courses

Our Registered Education Partners (R.E.Ps) offer IC Blockchain accredited public and private courses. Some R.E.Ps offer a holistic approach that is training, mentoring, and coaching to their clients. Mentoring and coaching is at the discretionary of the provider. R.E.Ps can also license their accredited courseware to other R.E.Ps.

Key Benefits


In an ever fast past global economy, companies need to stay ahead of the curve. Here at IC Blockchain, we have created the blueprint for learning Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in theory and in practice. You as a potential Registered Education Provider can use our blueprint to design your own courses - quickly and effectively to deliver to your clients and to the public. The quality of the IC Blockchain learning objectives and rigor of the accreditation process assures high-quality learning experiences for student, professionals, and companies.


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What Do we get as a IC Blockchain R.E.P?

Once an organization joins as an IC Blockchain Registered Education Partner, they have access to accreditation services and can offer IC Blockchain Fundamentals, Professional, Master, and Framework Certifications in any of IC Blockchain’s learning tracks. They will also have the option to license courseware from other R.E.Ps if they prefer not to develop and accredit their own courseware.

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