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Adopting a blockchain Strategy unleashes the brilliance of Technology.

What We Represent

We are an accreditation body for Blockchain knowledge. We collaborate with worldwide blockchain experts to develop learning tracks to foster mastery and expertise.

How We Work

We work with Registered Education Partners (R.E.P) to accredit courses and instructors against our industry driven learning objectives. We also take cyrptocurrency payment such as Bitcoins and Ether for the accreditation sessions and issuing the certifications for their classes.


All Certifications we issue will be facilitated via Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and will provide Proof-of-Authenticity and Existence.

Our Approach

The blockchain space is vastly growing and can be very confusing to many. Our Approach is to provide different, but clear learning tracks based on one’s interest and then a journey path to mastery. All of our tracks are based on Industry trends and will continue to be updated as the industry evolves.

Accreditation Process

Organizations can become a Registered Educational Partner (R.E.P) by submitting courseware for one of the class’s learning objectives on a given track. The course and the instructor(s) will be evaluated by a panel of experts. Once the course and the instructor(s) have been approved, the organization will be a IC Blockchain R.E.P for that course.

Why Us

We are the only Consortium in Blockchain that is based on industry standards, scales globally, and is maintained by and for the community. Our Certification are issued on the blockchain and can be easily verified.

Why Blockchain


A blockchain assets provide an enhanced level of security, increasing the security of the system from hacking and fraud.


It provides an easy mechanism to allow users to securely transfer the assets between parties and facilitates easy audit of user accounts.


Using a blockchain technology does not mean that the system will need to be a public ledger or open system if this is undesirable.


The system may remain totally private if desirable. A Private Blockchain Network requires an invitation to participate in the network. A public Blockchain network is completely open-ended and anyone can participate without any permission.


Blockchain provides a powerful accounting/auditing layer.


Blockchain assets are currently unregulated, helping minimize management costs and expand the possible user base and distribution channels.

Future Of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The IC Blockchain Difference

Blockchain Strategy

Blockchain Strategy

Blockchain is not just a process it's a Strategy.

The distributed ledger technology that started with bitcoin is rapidly becoming a system for all types of verification. Could it replace notary publics, manual vote recounts, and the way banks manage transactions?

Blockchain might streamline transaction processing by establishing a single source of truth, available to all, updated in near-real time. This could increase the speed of exchange, reduce the number of intermediaries (and the costs associated with them), improve security, digitize assets, give wider access to people who don’t have bank accounts, enable better bookkeeping, and improve regulatory compliance.

IC Blockchain will help educate and certify future thought leaders to take this strategy forward to positively impact the world.

Blockchain Community

Blockchain Community

We collaborate with worldwide thought leaders.

After completing an IC Blockchain-accredited course, you will be invited to join a private LinkedIn group with other liked-minded innovators and leaders like yourself. There, you will be able to ask questions, discuss ideas, and network. IC Blockchain will also be hosting and sponsoring conferences where we will have our own meetup for those that are part of our community. Our R.E.Ps are growing ever month as is our community.

Blockchain Journey

Blockchain Journey

IC Blockchain-courses

Every IC Blockchain learning track leads to an IC Blockchain Expert (IBE) certification - an extremely prestigious competency-based certification that is only awarded to individuals who demonstrate competence via verifiable experience, references, publications, talks, and a rigorous review process in front of a panel of experts. By taking IC Blockchain-accredited courses, you'll continue on your Blockchain learning journey and get closer to becoming an Expert in your field.